Byebye Blog

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This blog has suffered too much comas. Issues on euthanasia aside, I shall put it out of its misery. ’Twas nice knowing you, Shamalamadingdong. :)

Omegle Does Some Magic

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I was bored last night and I came across Nuevo’s wall photos and chanced upon one that showed a site called omegle, which lets you chat with a random stranger from anywhere in the world. So I tried it, and I had bad, short conversations with random people, and then I kinda had enough. So in the next conversation I typed "looking for an intellectual conversation", and then this one person says "okey." I tried this person out, and it turned out to be a really great conversation. All I can say is that she (yes, SHE) is a Norwegian girl, about my age, and she’s pretty great (and I do mean pretty.)! In the end, we added each other on Facebook. Huzzah!

College. Tomorrow. O_O_O

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Here’s my schedule:


I Have Realized Something Today.

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I have realized that I am noob-intolerant. -_-

Is good, nay, DECENT internet merely a pipe dream for me?

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I know this post came out so damn late, but please bear in mind that I SELDOM GET IN THE MOOD TO BLOG.

The SkyBroadband thing was a failure. First off, they did NOT come on April 9. That’s understandable, because it’s a holiday. But April 10 came and still no Sky, err, people. Umm, okay, so I asked my mom to call them. Again, they did not come. And not even the following day. Or the day after that.

So, err, what the hell? DYOK TAYM?

In one call they even told my mom that they DID come on April 9th, but also told her there were no people here.


So, what, they think we’re stupid now? Like we don’t even know if we were at home or some place else? Hahaha DUMBSHIT.

Moving on, the day finally came. But guess what? They told us that installing the Sky broadband thing was not possible, because the thingy (I’M NOT GONNA PRETEND THAT I KNOW HOW THESE THINGS WORK, SO BEAR WITH ME =)) ) that gets the signal for the internet is located near the road, and we live in a townhouse. They would have to have like a 200+ ft wire that will run along approximately 5 houses. So yeah, it is impossible.

DISAPPOINTMENT. <-- imagine that in a “FINISH HIM” sorta voice. Wala lang.

So, what lies ahead? For now, I’m using this SmartBro USB modem, which we have to load again and again so that I could stay online. We are even considering getting the actual wired connection from Smart Bro. I really hope that THAT would save me from internet-speed-mediocrity.


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Mom (text): “Kausap ko yung taga Sky. April 9 daw installation.”




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Kasi nga diba dalawa lang ang ticket na binibigay? Eh paano nga kung marami ang gustong pumunta?

Here’s my situation. My mom, who is, well, my MOM, SHOULD go, because of course, she’s my MOM. Gets? Lolz. So that’s one ticket down. Her sister, whom by the way I call a-chi (sister), is quite close to me, at gusto rin nya pumunta. Sabi naman ng lola ko, kaya raw niyang lumusot (BWAHAHA CKSC OWNED). Ehdi sakto na sana, 2 tickets. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

My uncle (my late dad’s brother) wants to go too. And so does his wife. Problem is, in my dad’s side of the family, ang matino lang ay ang tatay ko at ang angkong (grandpa) ko. And they’ve both passed on now. Oh the irony.

When my dad was alive, he and mom used to work under my uncle. He helped my uncle build his business, and he even designed my uncle’s office (he’s an architect. HWAW). At naninirahan lang kami ngayon sa bahay ng uncle kong ’yon. So I guess we’re pretty much UNDER him. Mayaman eh.

Alangan naman hindi namin ibigay ung isang ticket sa kanya? Palayasin kami noon dito sa bahay niya nang ’di oras. Yes, he can be that irrational, believe me.

Mom asked me to ask for extra tickets, which is, at most, wishful thinking, because our school is communist. So yes, I tried asking, at sabi nila di raw nila alam, naka-assign na kasi sa ewan, blablabla, so humingi na lang daw ako sa mga kaklase ko. Problema nanaman, kasi marami ring humihingi ng extra tickets, at may ilan na ring nakahingi, kaya nauubos na rin ang populasyon ng mga may extra tickets.

Bakit naman kasi pupunta ’yung uncle kong ’yon? Wala naman siyang pakialam sa akin eh, nagpapakitang-gilas lang iyon. Wala man lang din iyon itinulong sa pamilya ko. Oo, pinatira kami sa bahay niya, kaso nang-aapi rin eh. Hindi naman sa nananakit siya o ano, but he does these irrational, mean things that make you want to Force-choke him (Star Wars reference ftw).

Oh well, tingnan ko na lang bukas. Although I’m not thrilled (NOT AT ALL) anymore. Happy fucking graduation.

(Unrelated) Ginawa kong Calibri ung font dahil trip ko lang. :D:D:D